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Why Chiropractic?

So you heard about chiropractic? Did you open the yellow pages and see what miracles it can produce? It sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Have you heard some of the amazing recovery stories it has produced? What about what healthcare providers say? Do they recommend it or tell you to try something else instead? Does it even matter? To help, here are a few facts about chiropractic:

  • 1895 DD Palmer discovers chiropractic by adjusting a janitor who regains his hearing (I know what you think: if chiropractic could cure deafness, how come we have deaf people in this world? Well, I will explain later on).
  • The first chiropractic school got started and now there are about 15 or 20 of these institutions in the USA and all over the world.
  • My own personal, and easy to understand, definition of what chiropractic is: Removing interference to the nervous system that occurred due to a joint disorder (sublimation) in the spine or any other joint. "What does this mean? I thought you wanted to keep it simple?" - Well, trauma or stress can misalign a joint. Problems might happen right away, or it may take a while, but at some point the joint will not work properly and will "get stuck" in an abnormal position. This may produce nerve interference and something will go wrong in the body (i.e. pain, sciatica, heartburn, numb hands, etc.) "Ah, so chiropractic can 'cure' all these?' The answer will be "yes", if this condition is caused by the misaligned joint. You will find out if you get examined. That is how easy this really is.

Chiropractic isn't just a simple treatment for pain, it becomes a lifestyle for people who appreciate increased performance. Many athletes actually use it to get an almost "unfair advantage" over the competition. It becomes a choice for people who want their bodies to work better, and appreciate the increased immune system function. It also becomes a philosophy for people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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